The St.Marys Poetry Circle in Sparling Bush

  • Music & Arts   Wednesday, October 27, 2021   Contributed
(Photo by Paul Richardson)

(Photo by Paul Richardson)

The mid October weekend's rain and cold weather caused the cancellation of a new Fall Festival in Stratford, organized by the Stratford-Perth Tree Trust, a local not-for-profit dedicated to preserving the region's largest trees. The Festival was to have featured tree related workshops and a tree identification walk, along with entertainment by various community groups.
The St.Marys Poetry Circle were to have given an open-air performance of tree themed poems, "Treeludes", at the newly completed theatre in the grounds of the Stratford Perth Museum.
Not to be deterred, members of the poetry circle dressed warmly and met last Saturday in Sparling Bush, to share their poems in the wood-canopied setting which originally inspired them.
Sparling Bush is much enjoyed as a naturalized area, with a circular trail through mature sugar maples and leafy undergrowth. It was formerly owned by farmer and Rotarian, Herb Sparling, who donated his land to the Town of St.Marys. The Town maintains, enhances and protects it, with assistance from valued partners including the Rotary Club of St.Marys and the Thames River Conservation Authority.
The "Treeludes" poetry collection considers in poetic meditations, memoir, and anecdote, the astounding nature of trees, and our relationship with them in forming and informing our life experiences. We are deeply dependent on trees, not only for the wider environment, but also for our own human health and well-being.
The idea for the project was initially suggested by local poet and writer, V.J. Knutson, and Fay Hiscocks, and was inspired by Peter Wohlleben's best selling book, "The Hidden Life of Trees" - What They Feel, How They Communicate,"
"Tree Spirit" by V.J.Knutson
I close my eyes and hear her -
my limbs shivering in the cold
hers rustling a forgotten melody
Like a sapling, soul responds
trembles with anticipation
reaches for ancient blessing.