The Front Porch Show is live again

  • Community   Wednesday, November 24, 2021   John Stevens
Pictured from their last live show, which happened to be the 2019 Christmas show.  (Photo by Lori Anne Franklin)

Pictured from their last live show, which happened to be the 2019 Christmas show. (Photo by Lori Anne Franklin)

By John Stevens
Now that Covid restrictions have been eased, the gang at the Front Porch Show is springing into action with two live programs in the next few weeks.
First, it will be covering the Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade. Liane Gregory-Sterritt, Peter Rice and Spencer Seymour will be providing their expert commentary of the event.
Two years ago, the parade coverage was a hit. Why? Those who aren’t able to get out of their homes can watch it on the Front Porch Show Facebook group live or at any time afterwards. Retirement home residents can watch it individually or as a group. People who grew up here, but now live elsewhere, can connect with this hometown event. Finally, people who are in the parade can watch it at a later time and date.
A new feature this year will be Don Van Galen, Frank St. Germain and a friend or two providing Christmas entertainment in front of the town hall from when the show starts at 7 pm until the parade arrives around 7:30.
So if there is any reason you can’t physically be at the parade or view it live, be assured that you can watch it in the comfort of your home.
Next, on December 5 in Cadzow Park, we will be performing the Front Porch Christmas Show starting live at 6 pm. The show will feature lots of musical entertainment, including guests Chris Brine, Tom Donati and friends, Paul Droog, and Kim Blanchard-Stram and Steve Stram.
Following a How the Grinch Stole Christmas theme, there will be surprises along the way that will delight children of all ages.
The Front Porch Christmas Show is becoming a tradition to kick off the holiday season. There are more details to follow due to potential changes in Covid protocols. However, circle December 5 at 6 pm. We will be performing live with the option of being there, the best idea, or watching it at home on the Front Porch Show Facebook group.
Both the Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade and the Front Porch Christmas Show will be available on YouTube after the broadcast.