Station Gallery is going to the Birds

  • Music & Arts   Wednesday, September 14, 2022   Cameron Porteous

By Cameron Porteous
As part of our “Artist in Residence” series St. Marys Station Gallery will be hosting a bird carving demonstration. Ross Scriver and his wife Barbara are well known as masters of Bird Carving. The Scrivers have been actively involved in the Grand Valley Bird Carving Association of which Ross is the president. The association hosts the largest bird carving competition of bird carvers in Canada.
Bird carving has evolved into a true art form. Decorative bird carving is no longer limited to the usual ducks and waterfowls that were often the subject of early decoy carving for hunting. Many species of birds are now being used as artistic subjects by carvers. Most carvers prefer carving the most exotic of birds in an attempt to preserve their beauty in a piece of wood. The birds that Ross and Barbara carve are hauntingly realistic. Due to the beauty of the carvings and their painting standards the Scrivers are able to capture the essence of the birds such as the moments just before flight or stalking a prey at the side of a stream.
Ross and Barbara will be at the Station Gallery Saturday September 17 from 1pm to 4pm. This is a great opportunity to witness and ask questions about the art of carving and the painting of beautiful bird images. The Scrivers, along with other artists, will be exhibiting in the “Friends of the Gallery” exhibition opening at the Station Gallery on Friday October 7th. 2022.
Saturday is also ‘En Plein Air’ day at the gallery. The history of Plein Air all started with the French Impressionists and their love and desire to capture the air and light of the landscape. Artists are invited to leave the comfort of their own studio spaces and come to the gallery to draw, paint, and sketch outdoors, the many views of the Via Station or any view which they like. The En Plein Air event will take place outdoors, weather permitting.