St. Marys Station Gallery opens “Rural Roots” by St. Marys artist Maggie Jorna

  • Music & Arts   Wednesday, September 15, 2021   Contributed

On Friday September 17 the Station Gallery opens a retrospective of work by Maggie Jorna. Maggie has lived and worked in St. Marys since 2000. Born on a small farm outside Hagersville, Ontario she obtained a double major degree in Fine Arts from Guelph University which served her well as a High School teacher in St. Marys.
Although Jorna never returned to the life in the country, it is obvious from her work that she has always felt a deep connection to her rural roots. Returning time and time again to the open fields and rolling hills, her subjects, trees, rocks, water, and plants are painted in such a way that the viewer seems to hear sounds emitting from the painting. Sounds such as water babbling over rocks and the chatter of bulrushes at the river bank. By attacking the canvas with such vigor and skill Jorna exposes the rhythms and patterns within the landscapes. Her paintings show an abundance of contrasting textures of which Jorna finds a way to organize in an effort to create order out of chaos.
Maggie Jorna will be at the Station Gallery for a “Meet and Greet” on Saturday September 18, 2021 at 1pm to 4pm. Covid 19 protocol will be in place. Masks are required inside the station.
Since re-opening after 2 lockdowns, the station gallery has had over 250 visitors to the gallery with 1969 viewers on our website and 4641 pages viewed, both surpassing the numbers from 2019 -2020. We greatly appreciate the support we are getting from our local sponsors and the visitors to the Station Gallery.