St. Marys Station Gallery Artist has work accepted for Art Comp at 100 Kellogg Lane in London

  • Music & Arts   Wednesday, June 15, 2022   Contributed

The work of St. Marys artist Bonnie Richardson from a field of 3000 applicants has been chosen along with 100 artists to hang in the new gallery at 100 Kellogg Lane in London. This is a competition and people are urged to go to the 100 Kellogg Lane website and Click on things to do. Scroll down to “Art Comp” where you will find the hours and location where each piece of art is displayed. Cast a vote for Bonnie. “ As far as I am concerned, I feel that I am a winner in the contest just because I have been chosen and so has every other artist in this International competition “ says Bonnie Richardson. Bonnie’s latest work can also be seen in the Stonetown Arts exhibition at the Station Gallery along with 19 other local and regional artists. The gallery wishes you good luck. (Contributed photo)