More sewer pipe repairs needed in St. Marys

  • Community   Wednesday, August 10, 2022   Spencer Seymour

By Spencer Seymour
After a sanitary sewer pipe collapsed on Huron Street South which required months of repairs, staff informed the Town Council that they have identified two more areas of concern.
This past April, a sanitary sewer blockage was reported on Huron Street South that was unable to be cleared through flushing activities. Subsequent investigations concluded that a pipe collapse had occurred and that a three-block stretch of sanitary sewer between Queen Street East and Elizabeth Street had to be replaced. The aftermath of this situation caused staff to try to determine priority locations where other inspections should be undertaken in an effort to proactively identify other potential issues within the system.
According to a report presented at the most recent Council meeting by Environmental Services Manager Dave Blake, these targeted inspections identified two locations in need of attention. The first is a section of pipe under Robinson Street between the sewage pumping station discharge location and Queen Street West, which Blake said is in an "advanced state of deterioration." The second and less severe of the pipes requiring rehabilitation is under Elizabeth Street between James Street South and Huron Street South.
Two solutions were presented in the report to the Council, including in-situ repair through the process of structural lining or full excavation and replacement. Staff are currently exploring the first option with the hope that both pipe sections can be successfully treated with structural lining. However, if one or both sections are found to be ineligible for structural lining, the Town will need to retain engineering services to design and execute the replacement option. Blake noted that, in the case of a replacement, they would recommend using B.M. Ross and Associates Limited given their involvement and knowledge of the similar Huron Street project.
At the conclusion of the report, the Council approved a budget variance of up to $50,000 for the procurement of design engineering services from B.M. Ross and Associates Limited for the replacement of the Robinson Street sanitary sewer should the in-situ rehabilitation of the pipe be determined to not be a suitable option. Staff believes this budget variance would be sufficient for the designing of a replacement should it be required but Blake made it clear that the actual replacement project would cost significantly more, offering a range of $200,000 to $500,000 should the replacement be necessary.