Local musician Emm Gryner releases book, "The Healing Power of Singing"

  • Music & Arts   Wednesday, October 6, 2021   Spencer Seymour

By Spencer Seymour
St. Marys resident Emm Gryner is adding 'author' to her list of credentials with the release of her first book, "The Healing Power of Singing: Raise Your Voice, Change Your Life".
Published by ECW Press, Gryner's book is on sale now, can be purchased at Fanfare Books in Stratford, which Gryner specifically mentioned to encourage people to support local business. It can also be purchased anywhere books are sold.
The book is an eclectic mix of vocal health tips and voice improvement techniques to personal stories from Gryner's journey navigating the music industry. From touring with David Bowie to enduring a painful divorce and becoming a single parent, Gryner has ventured through her entire life with one secret central compass; music.
Gryner has been working on the book since late 2018 and the idea came to her after Parlophone Records released a CD, vinyl, and DVD package of David Bowie's "Glastonbury 2000" concert, on which Gryner performed. Gryner spoke to the Independent about the book's release and explained how the idea for the book formed in her head after the Bowie package was released.
"I was in a pretty bad place," Gryner said, "[I was] dealing with a marriage breakup, single parenting, and generally feeling pretty low. I was quite scared to watch the concert back as I feared it would show me things about myself that I needed to face. Namely, I had dreamed my whole life of being a singer and had achieved great things with my voice but I had not been grateful for any of it."
At the same time, Emee Fink of St. Marys came to Gryner for vocal lessons. This led Gryner to take on more students, which then led to the realization that only did she have plenty of knowledge and experiences to share, but that she also loved doing it. "I'd like to thank my students in St. Marys for inspiring me in the best days of my life," Gryner said.
When asked to describe why one should buy the book, Gryner described it as "a little friend in your back pocket." Its versatile contents make it suitable for anyone, whether you're a singer or vocal performer or not.
You can support a local business by buying Gryner's book. Fanfare Books is located at 92 Ontario Street in Stratford or can be found online at fanfarebooks.ca.