Latest “Sunshine List” released

6 from St. Marys, 3 from Perth South

  • Community   Wednesday, March 29, 2023   Frank Doyle

By Frank Doyle
The Province has released the latest ‘Sunshine List” which includes all public employees who make more than $100K per year. In Ontario there are close to 267, 000 on the list.
St. Marys has 6 on the list who are CAO Brent Kittmer at $151,215, Andre Morin Town Treasurer $130,984, Fire Chief Richard Anderson at $124,529, Jed Kelly Director of Public Works, $113,788, Stephanie Ische, Director of Community Services $104,388 and Grant Brouwer Director of Building at $103,155.
In Perth South CAO Rebecca Clothier is at $139,777, Kenneth Bettles, Director of Public Works $112,315 and Clerk Lizet Scott is listed at $101,425.
Other local notables include Stratford CAO Joan Thomson $200,797, Perth County CAO Lori Wolfe $178, 659, North Perth CAO Kriss Snell $167,981. Stratford Police Chief Greg Skinner is at $241,673, Andrew Williams President and CEO HPHA is at $309,602 and Dr. Miriam Klassen head of the Health Unit is at $330,982. And for the record Premier Doug Ford is at $208,974.