Gary Austin presents “Painting with Pixels” at the St. Marys Station Gallery

  • Music & Arts   Wednesday, August 10, 2022   Cameron Porteous, Curator

By Cameron Porteous, Curator
It was common in the past, as it is today, that artists use a sketchbook as well as documenting an image on pressboard or small canvases. The sketchbook and/or sketch paintings become the tools to revisit the moment that inspired the artist to visit the subject matter in the first place. What is the artist wishing to say about the subject sketched? By studying the composition, colour, and structure the artist in his or her studio, now reconstructs the subject to heighten the reality by adjusting the colours, refining the line and composition as well as eliminating information that clutters and impedes the message that the artist is trying to make.
Today the sketch books are often replaced by digital cameras. Artists take pictures of the subject matter and in the computer they make adjustments to the exposure, colour balance, cropping of images, etc. Gary Austin goes even further. Austin states, “Selection of a raw image involves not only the experience recalled from shooting but also the more artistic craft judgments of composition, balance, relationship of the elements, etc. and dramatic impact”. In the age of digital photography the images are not on celluloid film but the digital image is stored on chips. After downloading the images into the computer and using a sophisticated program to manipulate the image Austin begins to Paint with Pixels. It is in this process that he learns more about the subject and himself by unlimited editing until the image meets his internal sense of finish.
Painting with Pixels by Gary Austin, a photographer captured in his own pictures, is a retrospective of photography that traces his work from the early stages of portrait photography thru to the manipulation of the form and content into heightened reality and abstraction.
The exhibition opens on Friday August 19th and St. Marys Station Gallery is restoring, once more, a “meet and greet” reception at 7pm. Welcome all. The exhibit closes on Saturday, October 1st 2022.
Station Gallery continues the “Artist in Residence” series on Saturday, August 27 from 1pm to 4pm, where artist Anna Koot will demostrate by "hands on" the techniques of Encostic painting . Come and meet the artist.