Canadian Tire St. Marys first retailer in town to feature contactless smart pickup lockers

  • Community   Wednesday, January 19, 2022   Contributed

You can’t miss them – 8Ft of bright green lockers of various sizes with a touch screen and scanner in the middle are located in the exit vestibule of the local Canadian Tire store. The placement of these lockers was strategic – to minimize the amount of time one needs to spend in-store to pick up their online order. No more lining up at customer service just to announce that you are there to pick up your online order, and then waiting for the order to be brought up from the storage area at the back of the store. Simply come up to the locker using the exit doors, scan the barcode on your phone and the compartment with your order opens up automatically. Retrieve your item(s) and your receipt, and you are on your way!
Daniel Lubimcev, owner, notes that the community embraced online shopping: “ We have observed significant growth of online orders in the last 12 months, even after taking the lockdown weeks of early 2021 (when all sales were online only) out of equation. Share of online sales for the store grew from 2.5 % to over 10% of overall sales. So this was a no-brainer for us; in fact, we pushed for the earliest possible install date, and are one of the first small Canadian Tire stores to feature the technology.”
The smart lockers integrate with back-end POS information and inventory management systems to help store associates view orders and track and load approved purchases into a locker.
“Adding the lockers will definitely reduce the wait time for order pickup to a minimum, as well as alleviate wait times at customer service desk”, adds Lubimcev. “The time saved handling the orders will also allow our team members to spend more time with customers in the store that need help.”
The store’s popular curbside pickup service remains an option for those customers who prefer to wait in their vehicle.