AMDSB provides information on return to classes

  • Community   Wednesday, January 19, 2022   Spencer Seymour

By Spencer Seymour
Students across Ontario returned to in-person learning this week and although many are ready to be done with online learning, there are still valid health concerns about the return.
Here are a few important details about teachers and students returning to the classroom:
Daily screenings must be completed every day and teachers must confirm the completion of these screenings. For students in grades 7 to 12, students will use the Ontario School Screening Tool each morning and show their classroom teacher or educational assistant the "pass" confirmation on their personal device during attendance. Students without a device will complete a paper copy. For students in grades K to 6, parents/guardians must complete the Ontario School Screening Tool, an online form from the teacher, or a paper screening log to be returned in the student's backpack every day.
Sports, extracurricular activities and field trips will be paused temporarily.
One of the most notable announcements by the provincial government was that parents won't be notified of a potential COVID-19 outbreak until the school's absenteeism rate reaches 30 percent. According to a letter sent to families by the Avon Maitland District School Board, "Schools will no longer be made aware of individual cases of COVID-19 but will be reporting data on staff and student absences (greater than 30% in a particular school) to Huron Perth Public Health and the Ministry of Education."
Families should be prepared for the possibility of classes moving to online learning should the need arise. This will be communicated directly to families the day before and will be a minimum of 3 days.
Any families who borrowed technology (Chromebooks/iPads) are asked to keep them for the short term, in case schools are required to move online. Schools will notify families when it's time to return their technology.
As directed, the AMDSB is working with Huron Perth Public Health to develop plans to offer vaccination clinics to students and families.