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Lincolns, St. Marys a stepping stone for Dan Bylsma

For Dan Bylsma, St. Marys Lincolns proved to be his first big stepping stone to a long and successful hockey career.

Daniel and Elena Lubimcev grew up in Siberia

St. Marys Canadian Tire store owners met in Toronto, married in Canada

Always A Nurse

After 45 years of nursing, Cheryl (Patterson) Long is still working on the frontlines of healthcare.

St. Marys a perfect fit for new Foodland owner

If you’ve seen a new face out on the floor at St. Marys Foodland, perhaps greeting people at the front door or stocking shelves, it might well have been the new store owner, Corey McKay.

Scott Graham honoured by Egg Farmers of Ontario

You could call Scott Graham of St. Marys a "Grade-A" guy, but he sure is one that did get cracking over the last 55 years to not only promote eggs, but agriculture in general.

The Next Step

Brandon Boyd begins a new chapter with Henderson Yost Insurance

Local man collecting information on sports teams

Terry McEwan has scrap books on the entire Jr. 'B' Lincolns history, plus seven former fastball clubs

Local farmer collecting clothes/items for South Sudan

Stu McCutcheon has made 16 trips to African country on behalf of CEDASS group

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