Where bootcamp means more than reps and sweat

By Becky Clark

We all know that regular exercise is recommended for many reason, such as cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility, but what’s happening in the Thorndale bootcamp classes is proving to show benefits beyond the physical “feels.” The ladies that attend the twice a week exercise program, led by certified instructor Angela Soper, joke that the class is cheaper than therapy and is their happy hour. The group of ladies is diverse in their exercise experience, but Soper is able to adapt exercises to accommodate the varied levels. “The wonderful women that come to the workouts over the 2 years that we have been doing this, have taught me so much. They have taught me a kind of ‘no judgement’ that is so refreshing. That no matter what kind of woman you are or what stage of life you are in, a hate for burpees will always bring you together and that when you are in a group setting as we are two times a week you have people with the same goals cheering each other on and supporting each other knowing when you’ve surpassed a milestone…like a handstand.”

Candace, who has been attending since her youngest child was just 3 months, shared “I started out going to the bootcamp class with the intention to get stronger – mission accomplished. I continue to go because of the amazing instructor and other bootcampers who laugh together, share stories, motivate and encourage each other. To have an exercise program like this in Thorndale is absolutely essential – a non-intimidating and affordable alternative to urban gyms.”

The ladies also notice the influence it has on others areas of their life, particularly feeling energized to be more active with their spouses and children (we won’t highlight that four of our regular participants are now expecting babies!), as well as being more aware of food choices and seeking out additional wellness self-improvement activities, including yoga.

Occasionally,  the group has Becky Ament, from Yoga by Becky, join them on Sunday mornings. For a special bonus, Becky is sharing thirty minutes of yoga with the participants to show how beneficial yoga is to the group.

The ladies are always very welcoming to new members and returning members as well. Men are welcome, but they joke that few can handle it. No previous fitness experience is required. Carving in a little me time is important and might just result in other positive changes in your life too.

The program runs Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings out of the Masonic lodge in Thorndale. Classes can be purchased for 6 week sessions or on a drop in basis. To learn more about the bootcamp, visit www.ilovethorndale.ca/sports/bootcamp/

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