2nd annual Legion Mini-Putt event held last weekend

The Royal Canadian Legion Perth Regiment Veterans Branch 236 St Marys conducted their second annual mini-putt event on Saturday Feb. 3 and Sunday Feb. 4. With the success of last year’s course, it was decided to expand it into a two day run this time around.

Transforming the upstairs hall into a mini-putt course is a rather labour intensive operation, but there were lots of volunteers on hand to make it happen. It began on Thursday as tables and chairs were hauled away and stacked. Then the carpet was brought in and laid down, giving it time to settle. Workers were back on Friday morning to tape the carpet sections together. The next step was to reach into the storage area and haul out the wooden structures that were the bones of the various holes. With those in place, the finishing touches were added to bring out the various themes. All was in place for the opening on Saturday morning.

Each of the 18 holes was designed to both entertain and challenge. This time around the first hole was sponsored by the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and was surrounded by ball equipment loaned for the occasion. In order to sink your putt, you had to pass over names of Canadian ball players such as Fergie Jenkins, Brett Lawrie, Russel Martin, Larry Walker, and Joey Votto.

Other holes included a Halloween theme, the bridge hole, a Valentine, beat cancer, the u-turn, and the loop-de-loop. One of the favorites with the little golfers was number 11. The ball was putted off a ramp and into a funnel up on the stage, then ran down some tubing and onto the hole below. The golf round ended with the hockey hole where players had to score on a goalie and then push the button on the red light and buzzer to show that they were done.

The weather was less than ideal on the weekend with snow and high winds making things pretty nasty outside. The turnout for Saturday was still a good one, but Sunday was far weaker due to all the snow and cold temperatures. Despite Mother Nature, the event was still a valuable fund raiser for the Legion.

Plans are already underway for next year’s version.

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