A Claus for Celebration

With only 3 sleeps until Christmas, there is still a lot of last minute stirring going on at the North Pole.

“We’ve got a busy last weekend ahead of us but we will be ready by Christmas Eve” Santa said in an exclusive interview with the Independent, which has become something of a yearly tradition. The interview was only a little over ten minutes long, as Santa told us he was still very busy with final preparations.

“You know, as soon as we think our naughty and nice list is ready to go, someone always goes and does something forcing us to make a change”.

When asked, Santa refused to divulge what he thought of the Town Council. “Well, publicly commenting on whether they are on the Naughty or Nice list is usually off limits, but I do remember when Mayor Al was a little boy. Mayor Al was always a good boy every year and I remember him asking for a train set but he always wanted bridges with the train set. I remember in his letters to me that bridges were always a top priority for him, and it seems they still are”, Santa said.

When asked, Santa said that he would be coming into town from the east side first because “we go from east to west every year to let the time zones help us out”.

He said that Maxwell and Southvale are always busy streets but he added that children living on the north end of town, such as Millson, need not worry because he will be there as well. He said that he loves flying over the lights at the Flats which he says “is always one of the highlights of the trip.”

He made special mention of Mrs. Claus “who is always a big help to me.” He said he would like to say thanks for all the cookies and milk that are left for him, which he really enjoys. But, he said, “Mrs. Claus would be happy if I had skim or 2% milk as she has been pushing the health thing lately, wanting me to lose some pounds.” With a big smile on his face he told us that “Mrs. Claus wanted me to give all the cookies to the reindeer and I should eat the carrots. But that isn’t going to happen”.

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