A Full Day Of Time Travel for St. Marys, Time Capsule – Joy Brigade

Could it be more than a coincidence that the same day The Town Of St. Marys sends a capsule 50 years into the future, time-travelling steampunk sensations, Joy Brigade, will be taking local audiences back in time?

This Saturday, only a few hours after the grand opening of the new Wellington Street bridge, and the internment of a time capsule, Joy Brigade, will take to the launch portal (stage) and deliver a soaring, hit after hit, voyage through the 80’s.

Vocalist, SE7EN, played by our very own local music teacher, Robert Edney, is thrilled to be playing for his hometown friends.

” I have been making the trip, almost every weekend, to do shows in Toronto and the surrounding area. So, the appeal of eating dinner with my family and going to bed before 5:00 am has a very strong allure, to say the least.”

It has only been a year since the Joyous Brigadiers played their first show and were met with a very positive response. Each successive show rapidly escalated into the development of a full-scale production with a storyline, costumes and props. Demand became overwhelming with bookings at clubs and festivals throughout central Ontario, and requests for shows in Montreal and even further.

Earlier in the summer, playing a double bill with CCR tribute band, Green River, the guys were approached about representation with The Booking House International. Solidifying their reputation firmly in the upper echelon of the elusive “A” circuit hierarchy of the Toronto music scene. An honor not lost on the 4 lifelong friends.

    Fin Dougall, played by John-Paul Dowson explains, ” At first, I was just happy to get out of the house and play my drums again with my old friends. It became apparent, pretty quickly that we had a very strong chemistry and it could be much more.”

Both Edney and Dowson played in a band together in high school and remained friends ever since. The two are avid fitness enthusiasts and credit this to their ability at 51 and 50 to be able to perform at this level each week. On any given day of the week you can find Edney at the local YMCA running 10-15K and Dowson thinks nothing of a 75-90 K bike ride for fun.

Guitarist, Julian Hutton, who plays Lord Deizal in the show, played in Tara Tuma with Edney and was responsible for bringing the four together for Joy Brigade. Hutton multi tasks as the programmer and guitarist for the show and liasons with the production crew.

Glasgow Eddie rounds out the quartet on bass. Steve Walsh had long been a staple on the music scene in York Region and Toronto and had played with Hutton in a few projects over the years. Edney says, “he is the glue. He is the quiet level headed one that keeps us rolling.”

Stage props include a female robot, affectionately known as Miranda. She was modelled after Maria from the classic sci-fi movie Metropolis. The drums sit on top of the time machine and a “key” starts the time machine and begins the show.

While the storyline is still being developed to tour small theatres toward the tail end of 2018, those in attendance Saturday will not be disappointed with the high energy show that has been packing clubs throughout central Ontario this last year.

Tickets are available at The World’s Coolest Music Store and are $12 each or a family pass for $35. It is a family friendly, licensed event at The St. Marys Legion. The show begins at 7:00 pm and runs until 10:00

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