Development Charges and Water Rates going up

Bridge to open, Glass St. to close

On the recommendations of Town staff and B.M. Ross, who conducted a full financial system sustainability study, Town Council approved an increase for water and waste water rates. The approximate increase per household will be $2.74 per month, while Light Industrial users will see an increase of $46.23 per month and Large Industrial will see an increase of $186.01 on average. The new rates come into effect on January 1, 2018.

Council also approved increases to Development Charges for development in St. Marys. In the different categories, a Single Dwelling rate will increase to $8,230 from the current $7,568, a Semi-Detached will increase to $8,230 from $6,414, 2 Bedroom Apartments will rise to $3,390 from $3,057 and Bachelor and 1 Bedroom Apartments will rise to $5,622 from $5,582. Council voted to have zero Development Charges for Commercial, Institutional and Industry.

The Town was planning to have the Wellington Street Bridge open on Friday and they will have a Grand Re-opening in the near future when the time capsule will be buried to be opened in 50 years.

The decision was also made to close Glass Street from Emily Street to James Street South for the winter months. In a report the Town states that the winter maintenance equipment is not ideally suited for a gravel road such as the present Glass Street.

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