Councillors cite citizen concerns about gravel roads

Perth South Council Meeting Recap

By Stewart Grant

Councillors Bill Jeffrey and Sam Corriveau each voiced concerns on behalf of constituents regarding the state of certain gravel roads within the municipality during Tuesday morning’s Perth South Council Meeting.

“I’ve had a lot of calls about this gravel road [referring to County Road 122 heading into St. Pauls]. These are legitimate complaints about washboard effect and pot holes.” said Jeffrey.

Corriveau added, “Line 14 and County Road 125 are also not crowned enough and they collect water, which leads to poor road conditions.”

The discussion concluded with a recommendation by Mayor Bob Wilhelm that Director of Public Works Ken Bettles do a study on the gravel road maintenance situation and report back to Council.

Other Council Meeting Highlights

• Perth South Treasurer Rebecca Clothier reported that the municipality is looking at options for how to take advantage of potential funding grants relating to the Province of Ontario’s GHG (GreenHouse Gas) Challenge. Funding is available for projects that specifically are set out to reduce GHG and benefit the environment. Examples of such projects include the installation of solar panels, investment in improved insulation to reduce energy costs, etc. “I think we should take advantage of the opportunity and see if we will be successful,” said Clothier. Council agreed that the municipality should make the necessary applications and see what happens when the Province decides on funding levels in February 2018.   

• Chief Building Official Martin Feeney presented the Building Report to Council. It was noted that building applications continued to be strong for the month of October. There were an additional 8 permits issued for the month, with $653,995 in estimated building values and $9,712 collected in permit fees. The year to date totals equal $9.3 million and $90,000, respectively.

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