To cross or not to cross

Approval for Hall expansion, service club signs

One of the hottest topics in Town recently has been how pedestrians are supposed to cross streets in the downtown core, especially since a couple was hit by a car at the corner of Queen and Water Street last week. Council have heard from the public and have decided that further monitoring will take place to find a solution. Director of Public Works, Jed Kelly, explained at Council how the system works at present. He said that the lights are on a “sensor” with traffic getting preference especially on an East to West direction. It is programmed that the lights have a set time to stay “green” unless there is more than one vehicle going through an intersection and then the “green” time is extended. He also explained that the “hand” signals for crossing will not change unless the button is pressed. It was also noted that people crossing on a “don’t cross” sign are breaking the law. Kelly told Council that further monitoring of the situation will be discussed with the Traffic Consultant.

Meanwhile the Baseball Hall of Fame had a Site Plan Agreement passed by Council for their proposed expansion at the Museum building. Tenders will be opened within the next two weeks and the plan is to have the expansion completed in March 2018.

The Town have decided that Service Clubs will have their signs once more displayed at the entrances to Town. A new By-Law will be drafted in which it will be decided which service will be included. At the Tuesday Council it was decided also that the Hall of Fame sign would be included in a motion passed with only Coun. Pope voting against the idea. The proposed By-Law will be finalized for the signs to be erected in 2018.

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