Popular free hockey pool returns for another season

Biliztik Sports putting up free 42” TV as top prize

By Stewart Grant

The unique, easy-to-enter hockey pool developed by the St. Marys Independent will be operated by Biliztik Sports this season.

“’A Salute to Minor Hockey’ is how we are branding this year’s pool,” said Biliztik CEO Don Corby. “By partnering with Dunny’s Source for Sports and putting up some great prizes, we look at this free hockey pool as a way of giving back to the families who put so much into minor hockey each winter.”

The hockey pool is easy to enter and doesn’t require any in-depth knowledge of NHL players. Just rank the teams in each conference from first to worst, answer the tiebreaking questions, fill in your contact details, and drop off the entry form at Dunny’s, or email the entry form to dcorby.biliztik@yahoo.ca.

From Biliztik’s perspective, Corby is optimistic that the hockey pool will drive interest towards the Biliztik Sports app which is available on both Apple and Android devices. Corby noted a number of local minor hockey teams have jumped onboard and are using the Locker Room part of the app to provide regular updates.

“Ultimately, the value of an app like ours is dictated by its number of users,” said Corby. “We are hoping that people who join the hockey pool will at some point during the season download the app and set up a profile.”

The Biliztik app has three unique features for users:

The Locker Room is a social media area which is solely dedicated to sports talk. By “drafting” teams to follow like your favorite St. Marys Rock team or Junior B club for example, you can read their updates and join discussions. Because the Locker Room is 100% sports, its wall is uncluttered and easy-to-read compared to Facebook and Twitter.The Photos/Cards section of the Biliztik app allows trading cards to be made in seconds of your favorite young star. Simply click on “Photos/Cards”, select “Create Trading Card”, upload a photo of your child doing whatever and add their name. You can then save the electronic card and share it however you like.

The Game Zone part of the app allows users to compete against each other, predicting on a real-time basis what will happen during live sporting events. Users can join a game that has been set up by others (for example, Saturday night Leaf games are usually standard events on the Biliztik app) or you can set up your own public or private games and invite people to play along.

For more information on Biliztik Sports or to ask questions, contact Don Corby at dcorby.biliztik@yahoo.ca or give him a call at 519-282-1942.

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