New company for Heinz plant

No name change for bridge

There was good news for the local employment situation on two fronts at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday. The first was that it was revealed that Delmar Foods will be operating out of the former Heinz building and secondly that the Town have agreed to a request from the company to develop an industrial waste surcharge agreement with consideration for a phased in provision. The building was purchase in April by E&E McLaughlin Group from Tillsonburg. The Warehouse is operated by E&E McLaughlin, and is predominantly Cold Storage. Whereas the Factory portion will be operated as Delmar Foods; this is a partnership formed by the former Plant Manager for Heinz, Julia Banton, along with Ewart McLaughlin & Ed Lamers.

Banton told the Independent that production will start in the fall with an initial staff of 12, who have already been hired. The plan is to hire more as they expand in 2018. The company will start production with dressings and condiments for the Food Service sector.

There will be no name change for the Wellington Street Bridge. In the week long survey a total of 327 people replied and 290 (89%) voted for a “no change” while only 37 (11%) answered “yes”. The survey revealed that

149 responses wanted the current name to stay, while 17 suggestions mentioned that if it was to be renamed it should be named after a local person. Six respondents suggested it should be renamed for Terry Fox while 4 respondents suggested Veterans Bridge. As a result of the survey, Coun. Don Van Galen withdrew his motion to rename the bridge.

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