Reconstruction Decision of Road 125 Deferred

Perth South Council Meeting Recap

At the August 15th meeting of Perth South Council, the issue of the road conditions on Road 125 (Glass Street) between the town limits and Line 14 was examined. With the road in a state of deterioration that makes the new fibre-mat technology ineffective, a motion was brought forward to pulverize the existing asphalt surface and replace with gravel. This motion to reintroduce gravel, which surely would have been unpopular to area drivers, was defeated in the Council vote. Instead, it was decided that further research is necessary. Core samples will be taken of the road, quotes will be tendered from local contractors, and a decision was deferred to a future date.

In other news, Perth South Council approved the Library Agreement for the 2017 year. Based on current usage rates, it was agreed that Stratford Library would see an increase in funding of 3% while St. Marys and Kirkton Libraries would get an increase of 2% from Perth South. In total, an amount of $60,079 would be paid to St. Marys Library, $37,183 to Stratford Library, and $9,808 to Kirkton Library.

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