Local Legion Branch has new name

Ceremony on this Saturday

Tom Jenkins, President of Royal Canadian Legion in St. Marys issued the following press release.

“Royal Canadian Legion branches across the country are permitted to add a prefix to their name and designated number. This is normally done to honour a person, group or area that has a direct connection to that particular branch.

As you are no doubt aware, the Perth Regiment has a history that predates confederation. All residents of Perth County should be proud of the contributions this unit and its personnel made to the defense of Canada throughout its long history.

A great many residents of St Marys certainly feel that way, including our members. A large number of the veterans who stood up this branch – 85 years ago – bravely served within the ranks of the Perth Regiment.

In an attempt to honour this distinguished unit and those who served in it, Branch 236 initiated the paperwork to obtain permission to officially change our name to Perth Regiment Veterans Branch 236 St Marys. That request was recently granted and a new charter was created that bears our new name.

On Saturday, 19 August 2017, beginning at 2 PM, a short ceremony will take place to formally present the new charter.

To date the dignitaries that have confirmed that they will attend include our federal MP John Nader, St Marys Mayor Al Strathdee, and Royal Canadian Legion Zone C-2 Commander Lynda Hagedorn. The ceremony is open to the public.”

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