Extra Innings – News from the Baseball Hall of Fame

The CBHFM remains # 1 on Trip Advisor’s Things To Do in St. Marys.   A recent visitor from Ohio wrote that it was “absolutely fantastic” and went on:

I was amazed at how great the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame was. It is small but the exhibits are set up in a fan-friendly manner.. The place is packed with baseball history. Unlike its bigger cousin in Cooperstown, the exhibits are close to you and in some cases you actually touch the items. The gift shop was well stocked and very reasonably priced. Admission to the museum was very reasonable as well. Great activity for people with mobility issues as it is easy to access and navigate.

And from a local resident:  Who knew Canada had so much baseball history?! The exhibits are professionally curated and endlessly fascinating, and so well arranged in what is a small heritage stone house. Can’t imagine how much more it will be worth a visit when they eventually have a larger, purpose built museum to showcase the collection.

Director of Operations Scott Crawford and board member  David Morneau got a chance to spread the word at Cooperstown’s Hall of Fame Induction at the end of July.  It’s amazing what our t-shirt will do to spark curiosity!

Scott had a number of aims for his first trip to the Cooperstown induction ceremonies, one being to meet as many National Baseball Hall of Fame staff members as possible and to reconnect with some that he had met before.  In a weekend packed with activity, he and David got a private behind the scenes tour of the US Hall of Fame storage and archives.

Outside the Hall of Fame, Scott renewed acquaintance with the Cooperstown mayor, Jeff Katz, who arranged his free accommodation for the weekend. He also addressed the local chapter of SABR, an audience of 50 people.  A chance meeting with Cooperstown Rotarians gave him the opportunity to tell them about the phenomenal support CBHFM has received from the Rotary Club of St. Marys over the years.

David Morneau spent a good deal of time with Expos Nation and a number of former Expos players in town for the induction of Tim Raines. On the Friday night, he and strong CBHFM supporter Perry Giannis of Montreal hosted a party at the house they had rented for the weekend. More than 30 Expos fans, Dave Van Horne and Bill Lee attended.

David was also on hand for a few tips of the cap featured in Annakin Slayd’s video tribute to Raines and recommends the video highly to fans of the Expos. Clips of players then and now sure tug at the heartstrings.  “Tip That Cap” is on YouTube and Annakin, who hosted our induction ceremonies this year, will be performing at the Civic Museum in Guelph on September 22

Good news from Canadians in the majors recently.  Mariners pitcher James Paxton was the co-AL Player of the Week for July 24-30 after going 2-0 without allowing a run over 13 innings of work and AL Pitcher of the Month for July going 6-0 in six starts with a 1.37ERA over 39.1 innings while collecting 46 strikeouts.  On Monday, August 8, Joey Votto belted a 2-run homer to become the top HR hitter in Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park.  Votto’s phenomenal performance was recognized in a piece on the Sporting News website entitled “Joey Votto Keeps Playing At A Hall Of Fame Level But Nobody Seems To Notice”.  Check it out at sportingnews.com.

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