Petition submitted for Wellington St. Expansion

Cascades expansion approved

Jakob Krausz, a grade seven student at Holy Name, made a presentation to Town Council and submitted a petition from those opposed to the Wellington Street expansion. Krausz told Council he was concerned that the expansion would adversely affect the surrounding area. He noted that any disruption in the area would affect animals and birds and could pose a danger to the many young children that use the area. He said that a compromise could be made if a pedestrian bridge could be installed ensuring that access is granted from the new subdivision to the trail and thus might avoid vehicular collisions.

Krausz noted that the petition that was submitted to Council had 676 names on it and was conducted over a three week span.

Meanwhile Cascades (Norampac) on James Street South, got the go-ahead for a proposed addition at the plant. The expansion will relocate shipping facilities to the southerly side of the facility in a move that the company says will decrease truck traffic movements on James Street South. Council gave approval for the addition noting that such a plan was a benefit to business in St. Marys.

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