Wellington Street expansion debate

‘The Grand Trunk Trail is a treasure” – Dr. Kelly

Dr. Emily Kelly who is a Widder Street resident, and an emergency physician in Exeter, made a presentation to Council on Tuesday about the Town’s proposed plan to extend Wellington Street. She said that she is a member of the group “Tree Protectors” who are dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the town’s natural heritage. She said the creation of the group has been sparked by public concern about the destruction of green space associated with the Emily Street and Ardmore Park development. Dr. Kelly said that the group maintains that the Wellington Street proposed extension is not necessary and rather than help the situation will actually cause traffic problems. However council did not see it in the same way and Couns. Winter, Craigmile and Van Galen all said that the plan for the street extension had been in the Town’s plans for many years. However it was decided that further study would be undertaken on the situation.

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