Summer Reading Program at the Library

By Christina Donati

With summer around the corner and school coming to an end, parents and children might be searching for ways that they can keep themselves busy. After the few days of end of school excitement passes, children will be desperately searching for something fun they can do over the summer holidays. Dear families of St. Marys and area, your search for fun can come to an end with the St. Marys Public Library’s Summer Reading Program 2017.

The Library offers programs for children of all ages. From Tummy Time to STEAM Kids, there is always something that your child can do. Like other years, the Library’s Summer Reading Program is entirely free thanks to the sponsor: The Friends of the Library. The program consists of Tinker Toddlers, Maker Monday, Reading Help, STEAM Kids, LEGO Club, and Funday Fridays. Therefore, there is something going on everyday throughout the week for you and your children.

STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Children will engage in various experiments that relate to the five areas of STEAM. Maker Monday is for children who enjoy making crafts. Every week on Monday afternoon there will be a new craft project for children to create. Reading help is a free half hour tutoring session for children who may need one-on-one assistance. LEGO Club is three hours of LEGO play where children can enjoy the large supply of LEGO at the Library. Finally, on Funday Fridays, the Library hosts various special guests, events, and entertainment all summer long.

The Summer Reading Program begins July 3rd and will run until August 24th. There is no pre-registration for the program. Similar to previous years, the sessions will work on a drop-in “first-come-first-served” basis. There will be a brief contact information sheet that parents or children must sign before entering the program, so make sure to arrive early with your child to guarantee your spot because sessions do max out. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult in all programs.

The Summer Reading Program helps to serve over 600 children in the community of St. Marys every year, and this number is steadily growing. Between the educational based programs that run Monday to Friday (STEAM Kids, Maker Monday, etc) and the reading tracking booklets, children are encouraged to continue learning all summer long.

The Library strives to make sure every child is reading over the summer holidays so that they are able to maintain their literacy skills while they are not in school. Every child in the community has access to a tracking booklet from their school, or they can pick one up from the Library so that they can begin tracking their reading time. Depending on the child’s age, every time they complete a page in their booklet they are able to get prizes from the Library. This is one way that the Library helps motivate children to continue their reading over summer holidays.

The Library is a wonderful place that helps encourage children to learn. The Library hopes to reach all audiences in the Town of St. Marys so that no family is left unaccounted for. These spectacular programs will run all summer long, so make sure to check into the Library to find out what’s going on each week at the Library’s Summer Reading Program 2017.

Finally, if you are 13 years or older and you are looking to get all of your volunteer hours finished this summer, or if you are looking for a summer co-op, please contact the Library to volunteer for this year’s Summer Reading Program.

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