St. John Ambulance Week – Celebrating 30 years of first aid and health care service to communities across Perth County

Beginning Sunday, June 4th 2017, St. Marys started celebrating St. John Ambulance Week to highlight the diligent efforts of St. John Ambulance staff and volunteers.

For over a century across Ontario, St. John Ambulance has been dedicated to a single mission:  to enable Canadians to improve their health, safety, and quality of life by providing training and community service. St. John Ambulance St. Marys takes pride in knowing that communities are positively impacted through their programs, such as Volunteer Medical First Response, Youth Leadership and Therapy Dog Programs, as well as through first aid and safety training courses whose proceeds help fund these vital community services.

St. John Ambulance Week marks an opportunity to reflect on the amazing contributions by our staff and volunteers in communities throughout Ontario.

Matthew Wakem who is the local community relations officer said in an interview that “St. John is truly an amazing organization to be associated with; it has touched the hearts of thousands and saved the lives of many more.” Wakem goes on to say that “St. John Ambulance St. Marys has come a very long way since the start in 1986. We are proud volunteers always willing to serve and help our communities whenever we can.”

Since 2016, St. John Ambulance contributed over 540,000 of unpaid community service hours across Ontario. There have been 42,000 therapy dog visits, 7,000 people helped by a Medical First Responders and 82,000 hours of service toward the development of youth. St. John Ambulance instructors also trained over 134,000 people in life-saving first aid and CPR skills.

St. John Ambulance is there when you need them the most. This week of commemoration is a chance to reflect and be proud of our work accomplished as a charitable non-profit organization. We invite everyone to celebrate St. John Ambulance Week with us by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date on tips and tricks regarding First Aid. Thank you to the residents of the Town of St. Marys for your ongoing Support!

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