Random Thoughts: By Stewart Grant

Why can’t Facebook always be like this?

Often I find Facebook frustrating as it seems to be just one shared thing after another.  But on the evening of June 13th, I found myself thoroughly entertained by original St. Marys content!

Firstly, I listened to an audio broadcast of BX93 personalities Dave & Rachel’s chat with regular caller, “Brian from St. Marys” (aka Brian Harris of Heritage Renovations) as Brian invited them to the Quarry this Saturday at 1 p.m. to take the plunge at our newly-opened cliff jump. An entertaining chat with lots of laughs!  Hopefully we’ll get a big crowd out on Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Quarry for the event.

Next on Facebook, I’m transported to the locale of the Stonetown Barber where I’m watching Scott Jackson discuss the surprising origins of the barber pole (bloodletting!) as well as the importance of good shaving gel.  I also learned that Scott did pay attention in school as he correctly identified George Washington as a famous casualty of bloodletting procedures.

Finally, as if I couldn’t get enough good St. Marys content on my Facebook feed, Ian Nairn’s incredible drone-filmed footage of the Stonetown was shared on social media. I’ve seen a couple of attempts to capture the beauty of St. Marys with these new-fangled drones and their cameras, but Ian Nairn’s video named “The Stonetown” is the best one that I’m aware of.

Is it the hills of St. Marys?

This week I went to Stratford Central to watch the Grade 4 to Grade 8 track meet, which brought together several schools from the area.  It seems that no matter the age, St. Marys kids always seem to do well at the running events, particularly the longer distances.  Is it “the hills of St. Marys” that build such strong legs?  Is it the inviting beauty of our trails and our town in general that encourages our youth to get outside and run?  Whatever it is, it’s great to see all of the kids from St. Marys doing so well.

Recommending a road trip to Nashville

This month, my wife Laurie and I joined the ever-growing list of people from St. Marys who have visited Nashville. What a spot! We weren’t there during a Predators home game but we could sure feel the energy and excitement for the team with Preds banners hanging everywhere. Lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville is an amazing strip of bars and restaurants with great live music at every turn. The arena and country music hall of fame are right there too. Save room in your belly for some southern BBQ, and save money on accommodations by staying a little outside the downtown. We got a hotel near Opryland and travelled around by using Uber, which we found to beat taxi travel by a country mile.

On the way back, we stopped at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. As a big fan of watching the Kentucky Derby on TV each spring, it was a real thrill to take a guided tour of the racetrack, see the Derby Museum, watch some live racing, and enjoy some of their traditional drinks like the mint julep (which is great if you don’t mind straight bourbon) and the more easy-to-drink Grey Goose Oaks Lily.  In short, I recommend Nashville (and Louisville) as a nice road trip from St. Marys!

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