Perth-Wellington Conservative Party Leadership Vote Results

By Stewart Grant

Our rural-based riding of Perth-Wellington was decidedly opposed to Maxime Bernier’s leadership bid for the Conservative Party of Canada, as shown in results released this week.

In the final round of voting, Andrew Scheer took 72.65% of the ballots while Bernier was chosen by 27.35%.

Within the first round of voting within Perth-Wellington, where Conservative party members could choose any one of the 13 candidates, Scheer led with 20.69% of the ballots cast, followed by Pierre Lemieux (18.96%), Erin O’Toole (17.62%), Bernier (12.55%), and Michael Chong (12.02%), Brad Trost (7.61%) and Kellie Leitch (6.41%). No other candidate received more than 5% of the Perth-Wellington vote.

Following each round of voting, the candidate receiving the fewest votes was removed from the next round (which is why the ballot allowed for people to mark their second choice, third choice, fourth choice, etc). The opposition to Bernier was clear in Perth-Wellington when comparing the Round 1 votes to the Round 13 votes. While Scheer’s overall support increased from 20.69% in Round 1 to 72.65% in Round 13, Bernier’s vote percentage increase paled in comparison, from 12.55% in Round 1 to 27.35% in Round 13.

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