Edible Acres Open House

image3 (1)On Saturday May 27th, Edible Acres in Thorndale had their annual open house. Visitors were treated to complimentary burgers, coffee and lemonade but more importantly visitors got to speak to the owners Laurie and Cory. Those who took the time to stop by have a whole new appreciation of the work and dedication it takes to bring local and sustainable produce to your dinner tables. Cory talked about the 2 year process to grow shiitake mushrooms. They take 4 foot long logs and drill hundreds of holes in it. They then inject by hand sawdust which contains the mushroom spores. Each hole is then sealed with wax. Then the logs are allowed to sit for a year before they start to produce mushrooms. Everyone is looking forward to the return of the Thorndale Farmers Market on June 3rd. Edible Acres will be there every

Saturday morning until the fall with locally grown produce as well as honey from their hives and various preserves and relishes that Laurie makes when produce is at its peak! Laurie and Cory have been at their Purple Hill location for 10 years and have recently expanded to meet demand!

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