Perth South Considers Stratford Police Proposal

By Scott Maxwell

It appears that Perth South may be following St. Marys lead in regard to police services. On May 23 Perth South Council Meeting had a presentation from Mike Bellai of the Stratford Police Service, with regards to a possible switch in service from that currently provided by the Ontario Provincial Police.

Bellai’s presentation provided an overview of the Stratford Police Service and the programs that the force has been running. As outlined under the Police Services Act, adequate and effective police services encompasses the areas of crime prevention, law enforcement, assistance to victims of crime, public order maintenance, and emergency response.

The presentation from Stratford Police Service was summarized by Ballai as offering Perth South effective, efficient and economical police service, with high visibility within the municipality. Service levels would include one frontline patrol officer within Perth South on a 24/7 basis, one school officer, and access to a Staff Sergeant at all times with additional services available as needed.

Mayor Bob Wilhelm indicated to the Independent that public input and feedback regarding this issue is an important part of this process. In the near future, Council will be establishing an online survey and will be reaching out to citizens to invite their responses regarding the issue of policing in the municipality.

Other Council Meeting Highlights

• Perth County Planter Mark Swallow provided an update on the zoning by-law amendment for property 5671 on Line 6 on behalf of Russell Barker. The application had passed through its next stage of the approval process, and the Council also approved the application to continue.

• Director of Public Works Ken Bettles provided an update on the surface asphalt work on Highway 7 & Perth Line 20. He stated that the resurfacing would remain on schedule to start May 29th, and that it should take no longer than five days to complete.

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