Middlesex swim team at PRC

Last weekend the Middlesex Swimming Club had their third of three annual swim meet events at the Pyramid Recreation Centre that brings all three of their locations (London, St. Marys and Stratford) together for a series of races. The kids are divided up into three teams (white, green and black) and they swim together in the various disciplines: freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, and individual medley.

Events like this are a great opportunity for all of the clubs’ swimmers to get to know each other. Pictured, from left to right, are Lily Barton, Zoe Fadelle, Niamh Brennan from St. Marys, and Julie Geurten and Gabbi Stewart from London.

Middlesex Swimming is a competitive swimming and water polo club running out of St. Marys, London and Stratford and is currently in its 10th year of operation. The club has over 150 members ranging in ages from 5 to 60+, with the Middlesex Masters swimming team placing 2nd overall at the 2017 Ontario Masters Provincials and the women’s team being 2017 champions. For more information on Middlesex Swimming, please visit their website at www.middlesexswimming.ca.

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