Local Youth Recognized at local Awards Night

St. Marys St. John Ambulance, Adult and Cadet Divisions held their annual awards and enrolment ceremony at the St. Marys Legion on Thursday May 11, 2017.

This ceremony was well attended by members of the public, including proud parents, members from other St. John Ambulance branches, Mayor Al Strathdee and over 30 members of the St. Marys St. John Ambulance branch.

On Thursday night, there were three members that received very special awards. Members Jarrod Fenton, Ted Soepboer and Madilyn Fenton all received Life Saving Commendations for saving a life.

Other Awards:

• Cadet of the year, awarded to: Connor Gormley

• Junior of the year, awarded to: Jadence Buuck

• Most outstanding MFR, awarded to: Jason Dipple

• Most hours award (Youth), awarded to: Daniel Kennedy

• Most hours award (MFR), awarded to: Emily  Higenell

This year we have been very successful with our numbers in the cadet division. We were very pleased to be able to enrol 7 Cadets, ages from 11-21, and 3 Juniors, ages from 9-11 this year. The enrolled Cadets were Joey Mossey, Minota Lovering, Thor Lovering, Jerome Saunders, Christopher Saunders, Jacob Bieber and Raianna Mallalieu. The enrolled Juniors were Tyler Rumble, Leiland Westman and Trinity Haynes.

The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, most commonly known as The Order of St. John is a Royal Order of Chivalry and part of the Canadian Honours System. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Sovereign Head. The Governor General, as the Queen’s representative, is the Prior of the Order of St. John in Canada, and the Lieutenant Governors are Vice-Priors in each province. There were 4 recipients who received their first step for promotion into the Order of St. John; Jarrod Fenton, Ted Soepboer, Mason Westman and Emily Higenell all received their Priory Vote of Thanks. Also, Raven Lovering, Jason Dipple and Jill Stevenson received a Provincial Certificate of Appreciation for all the work that they have completed and time dedicated for community service and St. John as a whole.

In 2017 St. John St. Marys is celebrating its 30th year anniversary in St. Marys. This is a very special time in the life of the units and we are proud to have all the loyal and dedicated members that we have today.

55 volunteers strong St. Marys St. John Ambulance is made up entirely of volunteers who in their spare time help out at local events, (i.e. parades, fairs, sporting tournaments, walkathons and other community events.) Our Adult Division currently has 15 members and our youth division has over 40 members.

Funding for uniforms, first aid training and supplies as well as the ambulance are provided by public donations and fundraising events. Funds are raised by teaching courses in first aid, CPR to the public and industry. In addition, we also sell first aid kits for all purposes.

Anyone wishing for more information or would like to volunteer is welcome to call us and set up a time to come visit. We hold cadet meetings for ages 9 – 18 every Thursday nights at 7:00 pm at the St. Marys Memorial Hospital.

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