Dan Vanstrien’s band “Three Step Snake” releases new EP

By Stewart Grant

Last week when interviewing Stephanie Martin of Deep Waters Music, we talked about the talented musicians in the St. Marys area and how we’d like to find more ways to help raise their profile in the community and let their talents be heard by a broader audience.

Album ArtworkWith that in mind, in this edition of ‘The Culture Beat’ I’d like to introduce you to the rock n’ roll band “Three Step Snake”, led by 21-year-old St. Marys native Danny Vanstrien. Danny, who first starting taking guitar lessons at age 11 from Chris Campbell and later by Adrian Polladero, is currently in his first year of the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College. It was through this program that he was introduced to the musicians who he would form “Three Step Snake” with: Jordan McQueen on drums (replacing Ryan Foott who moved to Alberta), Owen Viragos on bass, while Danny handles vocals and guitar.

Three Step Snake played roughly 25 shows in 2016 at London venues such as The Grinning Gator, The Roxbury, Richmond Tavern, Gordie’s Brewhouse, East Sides, Outback Shack, and the District in Guelph, along with several parties and a charity fundraiser for mental health. “We grind pretty hard as a band,” says Vanstrien.

Three Step Snake recently released their self-titled EP, which was written, engineered and produced by Vanstrien and recorded at the Music Industry Arts studios at Fanshawe. The college program affords the musicians 24-hour access to the music studios to help develop their craft.    

“A Drink or Ten” is the first track on the band’s EP and has been a popular number during concert showings. Give it a listen online at https://soundcloud.com/user-797476903/a-drink-or-ten-three-step-snake.  After listening further to their other offerings on Soundcloud, I quickly became a big fan of “Stick It To The Man”, another Three Step Snake recording featuring Vanstrien’s catchy guitar undertones and deep vocals.   

Vanstrien indicated that the six songs recorded on the EP were chosen from the band’s fifteen-or-so original songs, and that he’s constantly working on new music. To obtain a copy of their debut EP, contact Danny at d_vanstrien@fanshaweonline.ca.

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