Census 2016: Seniors outnumber children in St. Marys

More women than men in town

2016 Census age breakdownMore results were issued this week from the 2016 Census. As we reported previously the population for St. Marys went up to 7,265, which was an increase of 9.2%. Breaking this number down, it shows that there are more women than men in St. Marys. There are 3,795 females as compared to 3,470 males. The latest census also shows that there are more people over 60 in town than there are children between 0 – 14. People over 60 number 1,675 while there are 1,180 between 0 – 14 years old. Another interesting statistic show there are 5 people 100 years old or older and they are all women. The average age for people in St. Marys is 44.1 with men at 42.3 and women at 45.8.

In Perth South the population is 3,810 which was a decrease from the 2011 census which showed a population of 3,810. Unlike St. Marys, Perth South has more men than women. There are 1,980 men as compared to 1,830 women. And unlike St. Marys there are more children, 635, between 0 – 14 years old than there are people over 60, 600. There are no people over 100 years old listed in Perth South. The average for all the people in Perth South is 41.2 with men listed at 41.5 and women listed at 41.0. For a breakdown of all age groups, please see page 2.

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