DCVI celebrates inclusion before the soccer season continues

By Spencer Seymour

It has been a very busy week for staff and students at St. Marys DCVI and it all started on Monday when the school hosted an inclusion rally.

Students in all different grades were placed in groups together and were rotated through many different activities and stops throughout the school. The day’s goal was to get students working together who may not always spend much time around each other. It was also an attempt to get students feeling more comfortable working with different people.

Following the inclusion day on Monday, the senior boy’s soccer team was off to Mitchell District High School on Tuesday for two games. After two tough losses while in Stratford last Tuesday, the boys looked to bounce back, and that is exactly what they did. After taking on Mitchell in their first match, the boys played a strong game, however, fell in a tight 2-1 defeat. After that, however, the boys exploded when they took on Stratford Northwestern. Led by two goals from Kyle Fennema, the boys routed Stratford 6-2 for their first victory of the season. The senior boys are off the rest of the week and will continue their season next Tuesday at home, hosting Listowel and Central Huron.

The senior girls will also continue their season this upcoming Tuesday, as they will also host the girls from Listowel and Central Huron as they look for their first victory of the season. Meanwhile, the junior boys’ and girls’ teams are on the road today, taking on the teams of St. Annes and F.E. Madill at South Huron District High School. The juniors are back at work next Thursday and will make two stops in Stratford. First, they will go to Stratford Northwestern and take on South Huron. After that, both teams will head over to St. Michael Central Secondary School to face off against Listowel.

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