Town clarifies Emily Street Tree Removals

Because of a number of people questioning why so many trees were cut down on Emily Street, the Town on  behalf of Jed Kelly, Director of Public Works, issued the following statement:

“A number of trees were recently removed from the Emily Street area as part of the ongoing development of the new subdivision. While the design team tried to preserve trees where possible, the removals were required to allow for the installation of utilities in the area.

The Town of St. Marys has a process in place to address the loss of trees due to development. For each tree that is removed in the Emily Street area, two new trees will be planted in town. The developer responsible for the Emily Street project is also required to plant one tree on each property in the new subdivision to re-establish the streetscape. In addition, the Town is collaborating with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and TD Bank to plant 150 new trees along the Grand Trunk Trail.

The Town and the developer are also working closely to relocate and arrange proper care for any wildlife that is directly displaced by the removal of the trees.”

Questions about the removal of trees and concerns about wildlife can be directed to Jed Kelly, Director of Public Works at or 519-284-2340, ext. 244.

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