The Magic of Live Music

I guess my ” thing” you could say is live music and this year seems to be full with more music.  I took a tour down to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto recently with my friend Julie to see John Mayer.  We have both been long time fans and before we were friends we had a mutual love for His music!  Now I think he is one of the performers that falls into the category of being so much better live,  that isn’t always the case in music as lots of acts depend on the studio magic to make them sound good and then there are the true performers that bring so much to the stage.  And they are even better than their recordings as the new dimension is added.  It helps that John has some of the best players in the world and has a wide variety of music.  But the magic happens live that is for sure.  Even if you see a band you wouldn’t normally listen to and they have that “thing” going oh live, you may see them in a whole new light!   I have heard U2 is an experience and I did see Garth live in New York City and of course he was quite an entity!   I wouldn’t listen to big band music necessarily but seeing a full band perform with its 20-30 piece band is amazing.

Our Toronto trip to see John Mayer was fun and we had as much fun prior just walking around downtown and going for supper at the Elephant and Castle, one of my favourite places to eat.  And our seats were pretty great although I would have liked to have been much closer, well on stage would have been even better!  A guest appearance from Canada’s Shawn Mendez was an awesome bonus and showed their great musicianship as the young Mendez played an acoustic duo with Mayer!  Two guitars and vocals shows the class of the musicians and it was amazing and flawless!  My second time seeing John Mayer in concert and both times were amazing. I hear there is a John Mayer Cruise, now that would take the cake!

I try to always be out supporting live music or playing live music and now I am putting together a full band for the summer and I’m super excited to do material that I haven’t done prior as it didn’t translate quite right as a solo or duo act.   I will be putting out details in the near future and I am pleased that the new Customs House in St Marys has live music!  So far there has been local bands who drew great crowds and an awesome young jazz guitar player this past Saturday eve with some smooth easy listening sounds!  I will be booking in for May and stoked to hear of an open mic in the near future!  And mark on your calendar the Stratford Blues Festival at the end of June and Mitchell’s Canada Day Celebration if you are a live music enthusiast!  Yes, I am a bit one-track minded but who doesn’t love to be entertained?!

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