St. Marys Community Players presents: The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie portrays a family struggle to maintain the precarious balance between a difficult past and an uncertain future, exploring the bonds of family, the weight of memory, and the force of loss.

Carol Robinson-Todd as Amanda Wingfield and Judy Cormier as Laura Wingfield. (Lucid Musings Photography)
Carol Robinson-Todd as Amanda Wingfield and Judy Cormier as Laura Wingfield. (Lucid Musings Photography)

Williams’ bittersweet semi-autobiographical account of his coming of age in 1930’s St. Louis is told from the perspective of his literary surrogate, Tom Wingfield, who serves as both narrator and the lens through which we experience the Wingfield’s plight. His dilemma forms the central conflict of the play as he faces the agonizing choice between responsibility for his family and living his own life. Williams, having “a poet’s weakness for symbols,” fills the play with imagery: the glass menagerie, in its fragility and delicate beauty, is a symbol for Laura; the fire escape is

most closely linked to Tom and to the theme of escape; even the theme of memory is important. For Amanda, memory is her anchor, her escape into a kinder, gentler time. For Tom, the older Tom who narrates the events of the play, memory is the thing that cannot be escaped.

Production Designer Reed Needles brings Williams’ original vision of the play to life. He remains true to the playwright’s original ideas of how the play should be staged. Projections and original vision are incorporated cleverly depicting how the play is really Tom’s memory. Needles’ creates an atmosphere where the curtain of time is forever permeable.

Denise Fergusson takes on the role of Director for this classic American drama. Denise, who calls St. Marys home, is a professional stage and screen actor and director who was thrilled at the opportunity to direct The Glass Menagerie having played both Amanda and Laura twice. (The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.) Having had the opportunity as a young actor to meet Tennessee Williams, Fergusson understands Williams’ play with perspicuity. Fergusson says, “it’s got darkness, it’s got lightness, it’s got memory, it’s got laughter, it’s got maybe a Kleenex moment for some people, I know it did for me.”

Ryan Stewart as Jim O'Connor and Ethan Butler as Tom Wingfield. (Lucid Musings Photography)
Ryan Stewart as Jim O’Connor and Ethan Butler as Tom Wingfield. (Lucid Musings Photography)

The Glass Menagerie features Ethan Butler as Tom, Carol Robinson-Todd as Amanda, Judy Cormier as Laura, and Ryan Stewart as Jim. Set and costume design by Reed Needles, Lighting Design by Gary Austin, Sound Design by Michael Kay.

Tickets now on sale at The Flower Shop and More 519-284-2013 or visit to purchase tickets online or for more information about The Glass Menagerie, tickets and our meal packages.

The Glass Menagerie is on stage at the St. Marys Town Hall Theatre with a preview performance Thursday, April 27th at 8pm and opens Friday, April 28th for a limited time only. Show dates also include Saturday, April 29th, April 30th, at 2 pm matinee show times, and Thursday, May 4th, Friday, May 5th and Saturday, May 6th all at 8 pm, closing on May 7th with a 2 pm matinee. Tickets are $20 general admission with the exception of the preview performance with tickets at $15 each.

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