Severances Scrutinized by Land Division Committee

Perth South Council Meeting Recap

By Stewart Grant

At the prior (April 4th) meeting of Perth South Council, four surplus farm house severance applications (by Idlewood Farms, Russell Barker, Morris & Irene Vandewalle, and Dan & Susan Coulthard) were approved to proceed to the Perth County Land Division Committee for review at that level.   

Perth South Deputy Mayor Jim Aitcheson was in attendance at the subsequent Land Division Committee meeting and reported to Council that the four severance applications were “well scrutinized”. There was significant discussion and debate at the Land Division Committee meeting regarding the size of the proposed lots to be severed, with the utmost concern given about converting any potentially-viable agricultural land to residential use. Ultimately, three of the four applications were approved by the Land Division Committee as presented. The fourth proposal, from Idlewood Farm, was deferred. Aitcheson was very appreciative of Perth County Planner Mark Swallow, whose input and knowledge were invaluable during the approval process.   

Roundabout Deferred to 2018

Director of Public Works Ken Bettles reported to Perth South Council that the roundabout planned for the intersection of Highway #7 and Line 26 (the road that leads to Tavistock) has been delayed until 2018 due to further study required by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. Mayor Bob Wilhelm called the news “disappointing”, as this location has historically been one of the most dangerous and accident-prone intersections in the region.

Other Council Meeting Highlights

• Following the recommendation of Ken Bettles, Council approved the selection of contractor Steve Smith Construction for the Whalen Line, Road 120 and Line 14 Road Reconstruction Project tender. At a price of $1,179,853, Smith was the lowest of the bids received and has done fine work for Perth South in the past.

• On May 16th, Council will be attending a presentation at Mitchell Arena put on by author Doug Griffiths, on his book “13 Ways to Kill Your Community”. Griffiths’ messages on community building are reportedly well worth taking in and are presented in an effective and entertaining way. Tickets, at the cost of $20, are available to community members through Eventbrite or by contacting Perth South Treasurer Rebecca Clothier.

• As a result of the aforementioned event in Mitchell, the May 16th Perth South council meeting has been moved to May 23rd at 7 pm

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