Senior DCVI soccer teams kick off season Tuesday while juniors start Friday

By Spencer Seymour

After weeks of tryouts and practices, the soccer season at St. Marys DCVI finally got going earlier this week. On Tuesday, the senior boys, coached by Chris Alexander and Monica Ryan, and senior girls, coached by Nic Seebach, traveled to Stratford Central for two games. In the first game for the girls, they played a tight game against Central, however, were just edged out by the home team, losing 1-0. The boys of St. Marys and Stratford were up next, and the boys, despite a hard-fought outing, were also unable to defeat the home side, falling 4-0 to Central. After both teams took on Stratford, St. Anne’s was next, and, again, despite more good play from DCVI, they were unable to pull out the victories. Both teams fell at the hands of St. Anne’s with a 2-0 final score.

On Friday, the season will begin for the junior boys’ and girls’ teams. The boys are coached by Alexandre denBroeder and Scott Spillane, while the junior girls are coached by Richard Farmer. The girls will play twice today, both in St. Marys as Stratford Northwestern and Mitchell will come to St. Marys. The boys, meanwhile, will only have one game against Northwestern at DCVI.

All the coaches expressed great excitement on behalf of themselves and the players for the upcoming season, and all are looking to have great success with all four teams. Best of luck goes to all players and coaches as they begin their journey into this season.

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