DCVI Drama Club goes to Sears Student Theatre Festival

By Spencer Seymour

Last night, the students in DCVI’s senior drama club took their play “Curious” to the Sears Student Theatre Festival in Listowel.

The play is written and directed by grade 11 student Izzy Morrison and is an Alice in Wonderland spinoff. In the play, Alice is portrayed as a bratty, unwise child who falls into a strange place called Wonderland when she chases a white rabbit after seeing it has a pocket watch. She becomes curious about this and chases him down a rabbit hole, falling into a strange place called Wonderland. Her childish curiosity is a running theme of the play as the title would suggest, and sees the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” coming true when she is executed at the conclusion of the performance after she lashes out at the Red Queen.

Teachers Ellen Bettger and Paula Hurst-Foster have both been helping the drama club in putting the play together and both sang the praises of the performance. Hurst-Foster, who was DCVI’s high school drama teacher in semester one where she taught Morrison, talked about when she first looked at her play.

“I was very interested to see what it was all about, so I took it home one weekend and was blown away. Blown away by the writing and blown away that this young lady had written something so special. She thought it was very unassuming, and I don’t think she realized the talent she had,” Hurst-Foster said in response to first reading the script. She also went on to praise the entire drama club, saying she “realized what a great talent there was at the school” when everyone came in for auditions. She also shouted out the strong behind-the-scenes work by the entire drama club as well as Tom Bowen-Smith who helped immensely with the lights and sound.

There is one more performance of the play that is planned to take place sometime around Easter, however, the exact date and time has not yet been confirmed.

Pictured: From left, in the first row Ellen Bettger, Tom Bowen-Smith, Rachel Strathdee, Holly Graham, Spencer Seymour, Trevor Brooks, and Paula Hurst-Foster. Back row, Nicholas Hermanus, Abby Luyten, Tate Neale, Samantha Berry, Izzy Morrison, Daniel Kennedy, and Jacy Buuck.

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