How to Vote in the Conservative Leadership Race

Deadline to register is March 28th

By Stewart Grant

In 1920, Conservative leader and St. Marys native Arthur Meighen became Prime Minister of Canada, succeeding Sir Robert Borden’s Unionist Party government. In the nearly 100 years that have followed, our government has been formed by either the Conservative or Liberal parties.

My point is, whoever becomes le ader of either one of these two dominant parties will play a very important role in the future of Canada, either by becoming Prime Minister themselves or by losing the next Federal Election to their party’s political rival.

So while the fixed date of the next Canadian Federal Election on October 21, 2019 might seem like a really long time away, as Canadians we need to get engaged in the political process as early as this month if we want to influence this vote.

Fourteen candidates have stepped forward to run for the Conservative Party Leadership, with widely varying styles, approaches and beliefs. While the leadership vote itself is scheduled for May 27, 2017, only those Canadians who have purchased membership in the Conservative Party before March 28th, 2017 are eligible to vote for the new leader.

The cost of a one-year membership in the Conservative Party is just $15 and can be easily processed by visiting the PC Party website at If you tend to vote Liberal, then have your say in the party’s future by registering at

No matter what your political leaning is, becoming a voting member of your party and taking an interest in the process is a small price to pay to help our country come up with strong, sensible leaders to run for our nation’s highest office. One only needs to look south of the border to see what can happen when a country has to choose between two sub-par options come Election Day.

Later this month in the Independent, we’ll dig deeper into the Conservative Party leadership vote and summarize the positions of the various candidates.

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