Positive Changes Continue at St. Marys Golf & CC

Golfers invited to Early Bird Event this Saturday

By Stewart Grant

As evidenced by the construction visible from Queen Street this winter, the folks at the St. Marys Golf & Country Club have been busy getting ready for another successful year. The large new building that is being finished this spring is a brand new maintenance facility for the club’s turf equipment and riding golf carts. Meanwhile, the space formerly occupied by equipment and carts has been amazingly transformed into a new wedding (and events) space known as “The Hideaway”.

This Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm, the golf club hosts its annual Early Bird Wine and Cheese Event where area golfers are invited to take a look at the new-and-improved facilities and renew acquaintances with friends as another new season begins.

Over the past several years, those familiar with the St. Marys Golf & Country Club have grown accustomed to management’s philosophy of continuous annual improvement, and this year is no different. Per their annual letter to golf members available on www.stmarysgolf.com, the club noted that eight new carts have been purchased for this season, a turf maintenance lift has been added to the new facility allowing for better maintenance and care for the fleet of carts, one-third of the course’s bunkers were replaced in 2016 and this sand trap improvement effort will continue in 2018, tee blocks have been expanded on classic par-3 holes #11 and #16, garden revitalization continues into 2017, and many other changes have been made throughout the facility.

As the Early Bird name suggests, there are benefits to renewing your 2017 membership early.  Whether you are a long-time member or someone who is thinking about their options for golf in 2017, the St. Marys Early Bird Wine and Cheese is always a good event and one of the sure signs of spring.   

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