Changes proposed for train station

Kinsmen’s Summerfest approved

There were two separate issues regarding the train station at the Tuesday Council meeting with one being resolved and one still pending. Council agreed to a recommendation from the Heritage Committee that the Grand Trunk Railway Station that an amendment to the Designation be made. The station was constructed in the summer of 1907 and Designated by Council in October 1987. It was completely restored in 1988 and because of this the recommendation was made re-designate to include both interior and exterior elements of cultural heritage value. Because Council approved this, the process will now proceed for the amendment to the existing Designation. The issue that was not resolved concerns VIA rail services at the station. At present the Town has a contract with VIA in which VIA pays rent and the Town receives a commission for selling VIA tickets. The contract is due for renewal in 2018 and as a result the Town will decide whether to maintain the status quo with staff selling rail tickets or if the should switch to a kiosk to sell the tickets. Coun. Bill Osborne noted that if a kiosk were installed VIA might decide that there is no need for the train to stop in St. Marys. Coun. Tony winter agreed noting that when the Town had a full complement of staff selling tickets, historically tickets sales were up. Coun. Winter proposed a motion to eliminate the kiosk idea from future plans for the station but he could not find a seconder for the motion. Couns. Craigmile and Van Galen noted that because there is only one train leaving St. Marys in the morning it is difficult to increase sales over what they have now. The report was sent back to staff for further review.

Council approved the application from the Kinsmen to hold their Summerfest this year. The event will take place from July 27th until July 30th. The event deemed by Council to be a “festival of municipal significance” and as such was granted Noise By-Law exemption. This year the refreshment tent will be at the Flats because of the uncertainly of whether a ball tournament will be held at the Baseball Hall of Fame fields.

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