Mixed results for local secondary schools in annual rankings

Secondary schools in all corners of Ontario are showing signs of improvement, but far too many schools aren’t improving at all, or worse, have declined in their overall ratings, according to the Fraser Institute’s annual ranking of Ontario secondary schools released this week.

This year’s Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary Schools ranks 740 anglophone and francophone public and Catholic schools (as well as a small number of independent and First Nations schools) based on seven academic indicators from results of annual province wide math and literacy tests.

While 59 schools across the province showed improvement in their overall ratings over the past five years, 51 showed declining scores.

“All too often we hear excuses that schools can’t improve their students’ performance because of the communities they serve, but there are success stories across Ontario where teachers with students that face challenges every day nonetheless find ways to help their students improve,” Cowley said.

Here are the rankings for high schools in this area. The ranking is out of a total of 740 schools and the rating is out of 10.

Stratford Central ranking 118/740 rating 7.6/10

South Huron Exeter ranking 201/740 rating 7.1/10

St. Michael Stratford ranking 396/740 rating 6.0/10

St. Marys DCVI ranking 447/740 rating 5.8/10

St. Annes Clinton ranking 462/740 rating 5.7/10

Central Huron Clinton ranking 562/740 rating 5.0/10

Stratford Northwestern ranking 630/740 rating 4.2/10

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