I Wanna Laugh – 4PLAY!

Deep in the Heart of Winter, We All Need a Laugh!

It’s becoming a much anticipated mid-Winter tradition here in St. Marys.  This year marks the 4th Annual “I Wanna Laugh” Improv shows, produced by The St. Marys Community Players. Once again, the culmination of 12 weeks of intense training results in the wacky, unconventional “Graduation Shows” where graduates show off their recently-acquired Improv comedy skills in front of a live audience.

But this year, there was almost a significant change. The Workshop Director and Show Host, Liane Gregory-Sterritt, was considering changing the title of the show to “I Need a Laugh”.  She explains, “2016, for many people, came with challenges, shocks, difficult losses and grief. The same was very true for me.  Honestly, it really knocked the stuffing out of me. Laughter was in short supply.”

But coming on the heels of all that, was the opportunity for Gregory-Sterritt to launch into the training for her latest Improv students. “It was an interesting juxtaposition” she remembers, “Comedy in the midst of tragedy.  But then again, that’s life, isn’t it?”  Gregory-Sterritt takes a rather philosophical approach to it all.  “Laughter doesn’t make any of the crappiness disappear; it just makes it easier for us to handle it all.”

So, with all that in mind, the graduating students enthusiastically welcome everyone who needs a pick-me-up to come on out on March 3rd and 4th and get a very necessary shot of laughter. For this year’s Graduation Shows, there’s a special little twist – especially for folks who are a little nervous about being an audience member for a show where they could potentially be plucked out of the audience onto the stage! Producer, Maggie Whitcroft explains, “Not everyone is brave about going up onstage, so this year we are using raffle tickets!  If an audience member wants to potentially be called up onstage – they put their raffle ticket into the bucket.  And, if they’d rather just watch and enjoy, they just keep their raffle ticket and relax!”

Gregory-Sterritt is eagerly looking forward to hosting the 2 evening event: “These are always such special performances. The graduates and the audience are all neighbours, friends, family and co-workers. It’s such a unique and wonderful experience sharing laughs all together! There’s absolutely nothing else like it”.

This year’s shows graduates are: Krystine Blair, Orianna Brodbeck, Jim Konopetski, Steph Martin, Wendy Soontiens, Chris Swarthout and Jane Williams. Tickets are $10 and are available online and at the door but don’t wait. Buy your tickets now online at www.stmaryscommunityplayers.ca. Follow us on facebook and twitter too!  Licensed event.  8pm. Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4. St. Marys Town Hall Theatre.

For more information on I Wanna Laugh 4Play or St. Marys Community Players please contact:

Liane Gregory-Sterritt, Improv Instructor 226-919-5451  liane.gregory@rogers.com

Maggie Whitcroft, Producer 519-301-6771  mawhitcroft@gmail.com

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