Ironic Survey Call from OLG inspires Special Report

How have increased regulations impacted St. Marys?

By Stewart Grant

As Treasurer of the St. Marys Lincolns Hockey Club, the most dominant theme in my life for the past week has been the issue of lotteries, gaming, regulation and the like. We are still trying to figure out our next move in the “Chase the Ace Sweepstakes” saga. As anyone who has had anything to do with this subject can attest, lottery regulations can be an extremely frustrating subject.

So when my phone rang the other night, and the woman from a research company asked me if I had a couple minutes to take a survey, I said “Sure”, as whatever she was interested in asking me about might be a welcome reprieve.

When she told me that she was calling on behalf of OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming), I almost fell off my chair! I said to her, “well isn’t it Ironic…don’t you think?”

Alanis Morissette puns aside, You Oughta Know that her two-minute survey actually turned into a 15-minute Uninvited call, as I was Head Over Feet into questions like “do I strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree” about all aspects of lottery and gaming regulation in Ontario.

Unfortunately for me but fortunately for her, the survey didn’t allow for any abstract or creative comments that I would’ve been prepared to give on the subject.

However, the encouraging thing about the OLG hiring a survey company to call people like me is this: Maybe, just maybe, the Ontario government cares about what we think?

With this in mind, I think we should do our very best in St. Marys to help out the OLG with this study. Using your feedback to us, the St. Marys Independent is embarking on a special report of the effects of increased lottery and gaming regulations on our small town. I am looking to hear from anyone who has been impacted by this subject, whether you are a member of a church group, local charity, a non-profit association, or even just as a regular citizen.

Already, through our Facebook and through emails with people I know in the community, we have heard from people from the Legion, the Rotary Club, the Volunteer Firefighters, even the Quilting Association. Let’s make this as comprehensive as possible though, so please consider adding your comments, either positive or negative, to the study.

Contact us at or call me on my cell at 519-868-1290 to help with this study so that we may give Ontario Lottery and Gaming the feedback that they are looking for. And unlike the survey company that they hired, we won’t even charge them anything for the service.

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