Lincolns seek community & alumni help in building hockey card collection

Individual donations more important than ever given recent events

By Brandon Boyd, President, St. Marys Lincolns Hockey Club

As the St. Marys Lincolns plan to celebrate Alumni Night this Friday night, we are excited to announce an exciting new initiative to help honour our players who have collectively entertained the community for the past 60 years.

Earlier this year, we began producing and selling Lincoln hockey cards, with proceeds from these cards helping to sustain the operations of our hockey club, particularly in light of increased lottery regulations that have dried up previous fundraising avenues. So far, we have produced 27 cards to recognize members of the 2016/17 team, while we have made 11 cards to celebrate some of the great alumni that have played for the Lincolns.

In order to build our collection of Alumni hockey cards and to recognize as many of our roughly 1,000 Lincolns alumni as possible, we are introducing a sponsorship program whereby people can sponsor the production of a batch of hockey cards for an alumni player of their choice.

Along with creating a wonderful keepsake, these attractive hockey cards can be sold by the Lincolns to help rebuild our revenue stream that has been decimated by the loss of fundraising activities that are no longer available to us. We look at this new Sponsorship opportunity to be a great way to support the second-oldest junior B hockey club in Ontario while further recognizing the amazing individuals who have helped create 60 years of memories here in St. Marys.

The Alumni cards already produced to date are Dusty Aldis, Charlie Vrana, Terry Crisp, Jack Valiquette, Doug Galloway, Larry Hossack, Gerry Seguin, Dan Wildfong, Chuck Jewell, Jacques Cousineau, and Ron Ryan.

Please consider making a donation to the St. Marys Lincolns Jr. B Hockey Club.

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